Our Mission

The Canadian Yorkshire Terrier Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging and promoting responsible ownership, training, breeding and exhibiting of this wonderful breed.

Yorkshire terrier mom and pup, 2 months old.

CYTA 2011 Executive / Directeurs

President/Président - Theresa Franz of Justatitch CKC Reg’d
Vice-President/Vice-Président - Wayne Blackman of Nanway, CKC Reg’d
Secretary/Secretaire - Loreta Serafini of Oz Yorkshire Terriers CKC Reg'd
Treasurer/Trésorier - Lilly DeWitte of Shoalcreek CKC Reg’d

Regional Directors

Western Canada/Canada Oest - Kim Skiba of Westmeath Reg’d
Western Ontario/Ontario Oest - Eric Franz of Justatitch Reg’d
Eastern Ontario/Ontario Est - Vicky Hamilton of Vickilyn Reg’d
Eastern Canada/Canada Est - Dwain McLean of Marsuvica Perm. Reg'd

Committee Chairs / Chef Comité

Show Secretary/Secretarie d’Exposition - Loreta Serafini of Oz Yorkshire Terriers Reg'd & Julie Baird of Dayjuel Reg'd
Trophy Chair/Chef de Trophée - Theresa Franz of Justatitch Reg’d
Membership Chair/Chef d'adhésion - Theresa Franz of Justatitch Reg’d
Newsletter Editor/Rédacteur de bulletin - Vacant
CYTA Rescue Chair/Chef de Délivrance de CYTA - Loreta Serafini of Oz Yorkshire Terriers Reg'd
CYTAR Rescue Coordinator/Coodonnateur CYTAR Sauvetage - Eric Franz of Justatitch Reg'd
Website Chair - Cathy Christensen of Yorkhaven Reg'd
Publicity Chair & Breedlines/Chef de Publicité et Breedlines - Vacant