The Canadian Yorkshire Terrier Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging the responsible breeding of the Yorkshire Terrier and to promoting the proper ownership, training and exhibiting of this wonderful breed. The Canadian Yorkshire Terrier Association Rescue is a CKC registered rescue, formed to aid those Yorkshire Terriers in need of assistance. All of our rescue efforts are paid for by club members who volunteer their time, experience and expertise to various endeavors, helping us raise funds so we can be available to help any Yorkshire Terrier in need of rescue. Each rescue is unique and therefore costs can vary considerably. The CYTA and the CYTAR do not profit from rescue situations.

The Canadian Yorkshire Terrier Association Rescue (CYTAR) retains the right to refuse any applicant. If your application is not successful, please understand that our priority is to find homes for the dogs that best meet our criteria and are best suited to the dog up for adoption at the time. Your application will be held, confidentially, on file and, if requested, you will be notified if and when a dog becomes available . If our organization is not able to be of service to you, we will endeavor to provide links with other rescue organizations, at the request of the applicant. No information given to CYTAR will be shared with other rescues without prior agreement.

Your adoption fee:

  • Pays for full medical checkup by a vet experienced in physical and emotional needs of Yorkshire Terriers
  • Helps cover the cost of any medical procedures that may be needed to ensure the well being of the dog up for adoption
  • Covers spaying or neutering procedures

To apply to CYTAR to adopt a rescue Yorkie

  2. Complete all questions on pages 1, 2, and 3 of the form.
  3. Contact us for more information about where to mail the completed form.