Your Yorkie’s eyes are a good indicator of how they are feeling and their general health. The eyes of a healthy Yorkie should be clear and bright.

Many Yorkies have eyes that tear. This is common and should only be a concern if the tearing is excessive or is not clear in content. To keep his eyes healthy and bright, the hair around the eyes should be kept free of debris. A good grooming habit is to wipe your dogs eyes on a daily basis, using a moistened soft face cloth or cotton ball. Gently wipe around the eyes and eyebrows, wiping away from the nose towards the cheek. DO NOT RUB OR SCRATCH THE EYES.

Keep the hair around the eyes at a length which will not obstruct his vision. Longer hair can be kept out the eyes one of two ways. Either keep the hair above the eyes groomed short, or apply a “top-knot”.

To make a top-knot, gather the hair on top of your dog’s eye line and over the top of the head making a “V” shape. Comb hair and tie with a tiny elastic band. Do not tie the hair too tightly so as to make it uncomfortable for your dog (if you can see the whites of his eyes, then it’s too tight). A bow can be attached to the “top-knot” for a pleasing effect.

Always praise and reward your pet for his cooperation and good behaviour.