Fast Facts
written by Loreta Serafini

  • Yorkies are a relatively young breed, about 140 years old with origins in Yorkshire, England.
  • Yorkies were originally bred to be approximately 10 lbs in weight and were ratters (rat killers).
  • Yorkies are distinct because of their unique blue and tan colour and because their coat is a lustrous silk.
  • Yorkies of today weigh under 7 pounds and generally over 3 pounds.
  • They are a long lived and hearty breed but are prone to a few serious disorders.
  • A Yorkie’s coat does not shed; it continues to grow and is trimmed much like human hair.
  • Many allergy sufferers claim that the Yorkie is hypo-allergenic.
  • Yorkies frequently live to 15 years.
  • Yorkies are on the “Top 10 List” for popularity.