for your dog’s health

The information on this page is courtesy of Donna Conroy.

Thousands of dogs are destroyed every year because of severe over-population. Surely as a responsible pet owner you do not wish to add to the problem. If you are seriously considering breeding, please reflect on the following very carefully…

Is your dog a purebred, registered with a legitimate Association and are all the necessary papers in order to assure the off-spring are properly registered? It is illegal, under Federal law in Canada, to sell any animal as purebred without supplying the necessary papers.

Is your dog an excellent example of its breed…or merely mediocre? How do you know? For example…have you shown your dog in conformation shows and been assured by knowledgeable judges that it is of breeding quality?

Do you seriously want to better your breed or do you think of breeding as a money-making venture, or at least a way of redeeming some of the expenses incurred with your present dog? Responsible breeders are aware that if they are very lucky they might almost break even on a litter…as long as there are no complications at the time of whelping or no sick puppies.

Are you prepared to keep puppies that you cannot find suitable homes for, take puppies back if they do not work out…even if they are adults, and undertake their training and socialization as well? If you are the owner of a male, are you prepared to help the owner of the female in this respect or do you believe that your responsibility has ended with your male’s performance?

The only reason an animal is not spayed or neutered is to breed and then, only if the above has been carefully considered. Otherwise, every animal should be altered.

There are many myths as to why a dog should be left intact and none of the reasons given have any factual basis.

MYTH: Spayed or neutered dogs become obese.

FACT: Over-feeding and lack of exercise cause obesity.

MYTH: A dog is being cheated if not allowed to breed; spaying or neutering is not ‘natural’.

FACT: Dogs cannot read ‘The Joy of Sex’ and find out what they are missing. In the wild, only the strongest, most intelligent of the species are permitted to breed. What is unnatural is man deciding what animals should breed.

MYTH: Our children would be able to see ‘the miracle of birth’.

FACT: Also be prepared to show them the reality of death since this too many times, the result is the loss of puppies. A rented video on the subject will teach them far better.

The advantages of altering an animal are many. Un-neutered males have a greatly increased incidence prostrate enlargement and prostrate cancer later in life; females run an increased risk of cancer of the uterus, ovaries and mammaries.

If your dog is a female you must put up with messy heat cycles twice a year and worry about unwanted males trying to court her repeatedly. If your dog is a male, having sex will be highest on his mind at all times once he reaches maturity. As a rule, males are less inclined to fight and become aggressive if neutered at an early age; the desire to roam in search of a female is also eliminated. Owners of males that have been used for stud purposes are usually horrified when their well-trained dog begins to mark his territory indoors, on walls, furniture, etc. Sexually active males also tend to show fairly dominant characteristics, often with members of his human family.

Finally, both males and females definitely tend to make better pets if their reproductive organs are removed. Please think about this subject very seriously…you owe it to your dog and to the future of dogs in general. Leave breeding to professional breeders and enjoy your dog for what you meant him to be primarily…a beloved companion and friend.