Gather all your items together in one area before you start. Make sure the area is warm and draft free. Your table, if not a standard grooming table, should be sturdy and large enough for the dog to lay down comfortably. The top should be non slip and free of cracks or sharp edges that can catch. Do not tie your dog to the table unless you have a grooming table with a tie pole. Its a good idea to have a permanent area set up for bathing and grooming if possible.

Always use products that are formulated for dogs. Choose a first-rate tearless shampoo that will give your Yorkie a good lather and rinse away easily. A good shampoo product will leave the natural oils in your dog’s coat. If your dog has a skin condition, use a shampoo that is made especially for the particular ailment.

To have a more manageable coat, apply a conditioner. Select one that is going to give a good sheen while not being so heavy so as to give the coat a weighted down appearance.

Before bathing, brush and comb your dog’s coat to free any tangles, knots or mats. A sink or tub with a warm water supply and a spray attachment will make the job much easier.

Never leave your dog unattended on a table or counter. Always keep a hand on your dog.

Using lukewarm water, use a face cloth to wash around your dog’s face, eyes and ears. Then wet the dog from the front and work your way to the hind quarters. Be very careful that water doesn’t get in your pet’s eyes and ears. Your dog’s head should be the last area that gets wet.

Shampoo your pet starting from the front to the back. Build up a good lather. Your dog’s head is the last area to be shampooed. Give the tail and the rear end an extra scrubbing.

Rinse your Yorkie thoroughly. Begin with the head, face, and neck and work your way to the back. Then, rinse again making sure to remove all shampoo. Keep rinsing until you can no longer feel any soap residue in the coat. A rule of thumb is to spend twice the time rinsing than it took to shampoo your dog.

Apply conditioner to your pet’s coat from head to tail. After allowing the conditioner to stand, rinse the coat in order to completely remove the conditioner from the dog’s hair and skin. Rinsing completely is vitally important. If soap or conditioner is left behind, it can cause unwanted itching and skin irritations.

Use a fluffy towel to wrap and dry your pet. Many dogs enjoy having their hair blown dry. Be cautious not to overheat the skin by keeping the hair dryer too close to your Yorkie. Maintain the dryer at a medium temperature and comb the hair while drying.

Coat detanglers and finishing sprays can be helpful when applied after the bath while combing your dog. These products assist in minimizing mats from developing between baths and give the coat a wonderful appearance.

Always praise your pet for his cooperation and good behavior.