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  1. I am trying to fill out the application form to foster/adopt Yorkies but it keeps saying ‘Oops, there is a problem’ so I am unable to find it to fill it out.
    I fostered a Yorkie (and later rescued him from a SPCA – he was going to be put down because he was very aggressive towards his toys and had bitten a couple of times. I fostered home and worked with him very closely for a couple of weeks, then adopted him). He was my pride and joy until he went to Puppy heaven this past summer and I am so lost without him. He certainly left paw prints on my heart. Him and I were ‘beat buds’….I had so much love for him and he did me! He showed the love he had for me in his eyes and in his smile😀. He was such a precious little guy…. turned out to be such a little darling. My heart is still broken (missing him so much) so I’ve decided to try and foster again (and hopefully adopt another one some day).

  2. I had 3 Yorkies my female karesse 15 years old got her at 8 weeks old , she gave birth to 4 Yorkies. I kept a female (Chanel) now 13 years old, and her little brother (Toby) also 13 years old. Toby died January 2019 (vet broke his jaw on both side). Then on November 2019 Karesse died suddenly in her sleep .
    I now only have Chanel. We are coping but are missing Karesse and Toby terribly.
    I would love to adopt asap a young Yorkie. I have decided to go with a rescue this time because I am afraid of buying from a puppy mill. I live in Ottawa so I don’t know if I can still adopt from your agency? I have just printed your application and would like to fill it out ASAP but I first need to know if I qualify ?
    Thank you

    1. Dear Monique, You are best to contact our CYTA Rescue Chair Loreta Serafini in Ontario. You can find her contact info on the Find A Breeder page.
      Thank you,
      Catherine Christensen -CYTA Website Chair

  3. My beautiful Clara crossed the rainbow bridge two weeks ago from pancreas cancer. She was only ten. We miss her so much. We would like to adopt another Yorkshire but I am from Quebec. Do you have an agency in Quebec ?

  4. We are looking to adopt a forever fur baby. After 17 years we had to say goodbye to our lasapoo and our home is very lonely. My husband and I are both retired so have plenty of time to devote to a new pet. We would take any age uner2 and either sex. Look forward to hearing from you.
    Valerie Nichols

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